Does your customer referral program inspire and connect?

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Does your customer referral program connect and inspire referrals for your business simply because your relationship is built on love and appreciation…not money?  Well if not, it’s time to do so!  It is a such a crazy powerful way to connect with others! What? You don’t have a customer referral program? Well girl (of guy), it’s about time […]

Send your Message with Greeting Cards!

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How would you like to AUTOMATICALLY send a series of greeting cards on a schedule, so that your cards go out like clockwork? AND create amazing custom greeting cards using your own photos using personalized messages? In the mail..real cards! Keep in Touch, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Welcome to our Team, or Just Because cards!  You […]

Client Attraction Marketing

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Sydni Craig-Hart over at @smartsimplemarketing talks all about client attraction marketing! Getting more clients in 90 days! She sure knows her stuff!  Hop on over and read all about it! Tell me what stood out the most for you. Also grab her free checklist “35 Ways To Attract Ideal Clients To Your Business… NOW!” […]