Top 8 wonderful things to do that will bring you happiness

Top 8 wonderful things to do that will bring you happinessTop 8 wonderful things to do that will bring you happiness! 

I personally find the kittens and any animal video makes me laugh, smile, and be happy!  As well as the taking those deep breaths when I am feeling stressed.  Oh and chocolate! 🙂 

What will you find that works for you?


  • Have fun with your passwords! Thinking up zillions of passwords every time one expires is crazy right?  Here’s a thought….Rather than using your usual string of words to unlock all of your device screens, (you know you always forget them anyways right?), play around with your passwords. Help them make you secure and happier. Choose mantra words like Serenity, Peace, Patience. Make sentences.  Every time you log in you will get a little hit of inspiration and make you smile.  But do remember to add #’s and characters and randomly capitalize for safety.


  • Make your living space reflect the real you cause you will be happier 🙂 Let go of the past. Celebrate who you are right now.  Give away clothes that don’t fit, tossing paperwork that no longer matters. If something isn’t adding beauty to your life right now, you just don’t need to keep it! I found this so very freeing for my heart and soul, and my rooms! lol


  • Stare at kittens.  Get on FB and stare at all those kitten videos! Looking at animals pictures narrows your focus, allowing you to perform tasks with greater care. Just don’t get caught at work doing


  • Focus on being less multi-tasked at work and at home. Break up your tasks into chunks and do them in a sequential series kind of way. Like doing all phone calls 1st, then emails, then laundry, etc. Studies show that our productivity goes down by 40% when we multitask. No wonder I am a basket case at times…LOL


  • Share beautiful things. Jot down nine delightful moments you notice today. Three in nature (like those sparkling snowflakes), three in people’s behavior (like a friendly smile) , three from pretty much anywhere.  Studies show this quick exercise can boost happiness for a full month…And that Appreciating beauty provokes positive emotions and may also trigger awe. Use #powerofawe on Instagram to spread the joy!


  • Breathe Happiness. Pay attention to your breath today, allowing it to slow you down so you can better focus on conversations you are having. Meals you are eating, and on the way you are moving throughout your day. This helps you avoid racing though the hours on autopilot. And we all have done that, right? When you consider what’s really important to you, you can see how much time you spend worrying about things that are not important.


  • Break into a bar of deep dark 97% chocolate.  A nip of it boosts your short-term productivity by 12% according to a study in the Journal of Labor Economics. Chocolate makes people happier and happy people my be less distracted by worry, so they do get more done. And who doesn’t want a reason to eat chocolate?


  • Laugh more. Before bed thing of 3 funny things that happened to you today and repeat this exercise for 7 nights in a row. Doing this will boost your happiness for up to six months said a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology.  If you can’t think of any that day, then go with other examples that pop into your head.  Doing this may help you focus less on what went wrong and shift your attention to the positive. One of my favorite things to think about at night is the funny things my animals do!  Besides my cat always to play every night before sleep! She is so funny, she flips herself off the bed when chasing the yarn we play with! And she jumps back up on the bed and goes for more. Love her so much!


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