Send your Message with Greeting Cards!

annettes customer love send out card buttonHow would you like to AUTOMATICALLY send a series of greeting cards on a schedule, so that your cards go out like clockwork? AND create amazing custom greeting cards using your own photos using personalized messages? In the mail..real cards!

Keep in Touch, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Welcome to our Team, or Just Because cards!  You can even send a $5.00 Starbucks gift card or a pack of 2 yummy brownies, or other cool gifts with your card.

How awesome is that? That’s true relationship building! Sounds pretty cool?  Being a businessperson that should really get you excited!

Get in touch with me for your unique plan and quote. You chose the cards, give me your contact list (I can help getting that also), and I take care of all the rest. We will get you in front of your customers lots in a good way! They will come back to you over and over for business! I can also set you up with your own retail or wholesale account also and teach you or your assistant how to use 🙂  Oh, and they have an awesome contact management system built right in!

However you choose…you will create a wonderful impact on others lives.



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