annette, meSince 1973 (yes. in High School), Annette has been in LOVE with Customer LOVE (customer service), sales and marketing. As long as her memory can remember (which is getting shorter by the day she says, lol) , Annette has taken pride in taking care of customers, clients, and employees, and has always been a stickler for follow-up! (ask anyone she knows!)

In the best and most challenging of times, Annette’s passion for Customer LOVE is why she earned a Peak Award from her Peers in one long-time Corporate position, and why she increased customer loyalty in an automotive service department in a very slow time in our economy.

Her background in Customer LOVE is very diversified! Automotive Support, Co-Owing and Operating a Cattle Ranch and Small Trucking Firm, Direct Sales Follow-up, Client Satisfaction Surveys, as well as Customer Loyalty.

Annette came from a successful client services professional background of over 25 Corporate years, taking her experience and knowledge Virtual in 2010.

Her favorite things are her 4 grown kids, 7 grandchildren, her partner, AND her funny pet bunny Chai and playful cat Esme. She is also trying to understanding the art of gardening…and she LOVES to change her furniture around all the time (a trait she took on from her loving mom)!

Favorite Life Saying: “You don’t just accidentally show up in the World Series.” – Derek Jeter

Favorite Healthy Food: Fresh off our trees apples!

Favorite Thing to Wear:  Leggings

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Hot Fudge Sundae

Favorite Hobby: Learning to crochet again (Her wish is to finally complete something!)



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