Where has all the CustomerLOVE gone? What has LOVE got to do with it anyway?


Have you ever had an experience as a consumer that just made wonder if customer service was a lost art or skill?
For instance: Have you ever been shopping for a pair of shoes and you asked the sales-person for help, and you were treated like you were inconveniencing them?
Opposite spin…have you actually received an honest-to-goodness hand-written thank you note in the mail from your sales-person?
I have had both of these experiences. And let me tell you, opening that hand-written card made that shopping experience the most awesome shopping experience ever!
I still remember it like it was yesterday!

Let me bring back CustomerLOVE for your ideal customers! As an Relationship Specialist I can help with many varied aspects of your business.


Here are some of the areas in CustomerLOVE!
Using Send-Out Cards as a main tool I can help with:
  • All aspects of Nurture Marketing!
  •  Get in front of more leads and prospects monthly
  •  Keeping up with your contact and email lists
  • Follow-up with your clients via email or voice mail
  • Create your Auto-Responders
  •  Using the Send-Out Cards  system to create unique personalized cards that are actually mailed to your clients
  • Send service reminders via actual mail, email, or voice
  • Email Campaigns
  • Up-selling your services
  • Schedule your appointments and make your missed appointment calls
  • Take care of your Tweets, followers, direct messages
  • Interact with your clients on your Social Networking sites
  •  Assist you in posting in your social networks
  • Creating your FaceBook Opt-in box and Welcome page
  • Be your Client and Vendor Liaison
  • Handle your Purchase Order Processing and Follow-up
  • Creating your Website that speaks to your Target Market
  • Keeping your WordPress site up to date with plug-ins, widgets, back-ups. 
  • Re-Purpose and Leverage your Content, creating posts from your articles, creating E-books and Kindle books, audios
Did I mention I am all about CustomerLOVE?  
“My goal is to have happy clients that have very successful businesses, by showing CustomerLOVE.”

As a result you can enjoy:
  • Time to Breathe!
  • Time to that yoga class you have  been yearning to go to do
  • Time to do more creative thinking! Focus on ways to grow your business.
  • Time for Peace of mind
  • Time to take the kids to the movie, or go to your son’s soccer game
  • Time to have a huge BBQ with friends and family
  • Time  =  Increased productivity and expertise which effects your bottom line
Are you feeling over-whelmed, stressed out, and there’s just not enough time to get it all done?
You need an experienced skilled Relationship Specialist. That’s where I come in! I am committed to do my best for you.
I can be your “right hand” person. Someone who cares about your business almost as much as you do.  I am more than a virtual assistant.  I am passionate about manifesting your bigger vision and helping you make a “footprint” in the business world.
“You don’t just accidentally show up in the World Series”  ~Derek Jeter

Comments (11)

  1. Pittsburgh Better Times

    Definitely agree…customer service is extremely critical for any business success. I like to send handwritten thank you notes as well. Always a nice special touch.

    Daniel Casciato, Managing Editor of Pittsburgh Better Times

    1. Annie (Post author)

      Very true. The world is so fast paced these days, we do forget the little personal touches. Thanks for your comment :)

    2. Philippine Virtual Assistant

      I like the idea of the handwritten thank you note.
      Thanks for the hint Daniel :)

    3. Annie (Post author)

      Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world!
      Thanks for the comment Daniel.

  2. Kay Walten

    I have always practiced customer love, and have ingrained that philosophy in my staff. I can say however there are some customers that exploit the love factor. They forget that it is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Rudeness, demanding, etc are bad approaches.

    1. Annie (Post author)

      Very well said Kay! SoSo true!

  3. Michelle

    Fantastic article! Great tips on how you can continue to provide great customer services to clients.

    1. Annie (Post author)

      Thanks Michelle! I really appreciate your feedback!

  4. Annie (Post author)

    Thanks :)

  5. Reginald Jackson

    Nice article-especially on the seven times we need to make time for. Thanks.

    1. Annie (Post author)

      Great! Glad it could be of help :)

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