People ask me why, how, where, what? Virtual Assistance?

sky woods customer loveI believe it hit me one day when looking outside my dining room turned office windows, that I love the working at home in my virtual  office with a great view! I love to smell and hear the fresh air blowing, the sun shinning, the rain coming down…the woods with all the birds and little animals—-well you get the idea!!!

To be able to do what I do best for clients so they can do what they do best, and to help both of our businesses grow….. well now that’s a win-win situation if I ever heard of one!

I am lucky! I update Twitter, Facebook, and blogs for clients, leveraging content and managing engagement. I get to submit and followup purchase orders, speak with vendors, do monthly reports, create simple spreadsheets, make phone calls, travel arrangements, take care of email and contact management. I bring my skill knowledge up about Infusionsoft, WordPress, and so much more….

It is an ever changing, detail oriented, multi-tasking, never get bored kinda work…. And I love being a helper and help my client and myself make money. What can I say????

I love being an Virtual Assistant!

Who do you know that works from home?

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