Are you Active and Engaging on Twitter Lists?

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You should be!  You’ve probably seen at least one reference on your own profile page to Twitter lists. Twitter lists are a powerful way to categorize Twitter users according to their area of expertise, or the topics of their tweets and then, once the list is created, let anyone see it. They save valuable time because when you create […]

How the car dealership world is utilizing a virtual assistant

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I found this cool article on how the car dealership world utilizes a virtual assistant. DealerOn’s CEO provides tips for incorporating the powerful and personal touch of an online spokesperson feature into your automotive website. DealerOn is a premier website and digital marketing company serving the retail automotive industry: Virtual Consultants have become a hot […]

Automotive Services a Virtual Assistant can provide for you

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I have worked in the Automotive World for lots of years. Specializing in customer surveys, customer satisfaction, service department appointment coordinator, and more… My VW Beetle is priceless to me! These are many ways a Virtual Assistant can help you in the Automotive Industry:   Schedule/reschedule Service Appointments Administer Client Satisfaction Surveys via phone Call […]