We Love Evernote!

Have you used Evernote? It’s this cool folder/note desktop and mobile application that keeps you organized. And it has this cool toolbar link lets you just clip things you are reading online and want to refer back to. I mean its really cool! There’s notes and notebooks, and you can sync all of your computers, phones, […]

Monetize your ideas with Ali Rittenhouse

One of my mentors Ali Rittenhouse  focuses on how to monetize your ideas and creating multiple streams of income.  She is a very cool– Online Business Coach + Launch Strategist and works with entrepreneurs, like yourself, who want to create a successful, sustainable business that can be ran from anywhere in the world. A business that […]

Are you getting paid what you are worth?

money annettes customer love

Money touches everything! Don’t we know it! You bring value to your potential clients. You should get paid what you worth! Shift your thinking and your attitude to really believe this. Learn and practice how to introduce yourself with passion! Did you know they say (whoever “they” are) that we are the average of the […]

Turn rejection into opportunity

harry potter customer love

I recently read that Harry Potter’s author—J. K. Rowling, a once unemployed single mother whose books and movies have made her a billionaire, had her 1st manuscript rejected by 12 publishers!! Now that is some kind of rejection right? Rejection is just one of the hazards of moving into a new realm, a realm where you […]