Day 30 of the 30 Day Ultimate Blog Challenge!

blogging-annettescustomerloveI made it!  30 blogs in 30 days. I am so giving myself a pat on the back!!

Looking back on it, it all seemed to daunting when I even thought about  the last few years…but this year not so much. A little voice kept whispering to me…do it, do it, you can do it, you need the discipline, you need the motivation, you need commitment. Okay I finally said! Geez…back off…LOL

Well It worked. The more posts I did the more they got easier. Finding content got easier. Finding ideas to write on got easier. Learning how to make a post with my voice is still a challenge but has got easier. Michelle’s awesome post content ideas and  tips of the day helped so much! Oh, and having the Facebook group made it so much fun to interact with others!  Our homework was to read and comment on a post or two a day. Boy did I find that mind-enhancing! So very many people with so very much knowledge in so many fields literally opened up whole new worlds for me. What a awesome month this has been..

And…YES..I am committed to keep it up! I have printed out a calendar for May and am all geared up.

Are you??



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  1. Congratulations Annette! What an achievement!
    The Facebook group participants are definitely a highlight of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.
    Best wishes with continuing your blogging.
    Cheers, Caylie

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