Show the Best Holiday Customer Love Ever!

gifts annettes customer loveThe Holiday Spirit is upon us! Be ready to Show the Best Holiday Customer Love Ever! Here are some ideas…

Give your loyal and VIP customers your best deals on your best products! Create awesome things you will do just for them. Something like…include free shipping, gift wrap of her choice (if you are filling order from your inventory), or offer a really good BOGO.  I get the best love from my customers when I do these things!

Be clear on your sale begin and end dates and times to make sure your customers get them in time for Christmas. Offer a gift certificate if a certain $ is spent.  They will come running back to you quickly in January to redeem for sure! Encourage your customers to buy for more than one person on their list to save them lots of time and money.

For getting new customers try these:

Run a really cool contest on your Facebook page or host a Black Friday sale on any Friday. And if you are ambitious…hold one of those 12 Days of Christmas events! Give away a different little gift or offer a different amount of $ off every day.


What will you be doing?  I bet you have some really cool ideas! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. How timely!

    I’m carrying on my planning day from yesterday and one of things I want to explore is deals I can offer my clients. Drawn towards creating a bundle for them.


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