Customer Love and Attraction Marketing

customer love attraction marketingCustomer Love and Attraction Marketing are kinda like the attractions at the fair. It’s all about bringing people to you that need what you are offering, whether that is services or products, and taking care of those people once they are in your “home”. 

Are you able to identify what your customers, prospects, or clients need?  If you have been in business for any length of time I bet you are pretty good at it by now. And your services and products are geared towards them right?  That is so awesome!  Congrats!  😎

So then you know that people make decisions based on emotions which is why you want to tap their feelings? How have you done that?  Most of us ask our prospects several questions – What are they struggling with? What are their financial and career goals? What results do they want? Then you can go about creating a tailor-made plan to help them get what they want. Whether it is a product or services you offer it totally helps!

You build trust with your prospects. You have built that already with your clients or customers. So ask them for a testimonial you can post on your blog, talking a bit about how you were able to help them write that book they have been longing to do forever, or how great that skin care is for evening out your skin tone.

Give them a really good freebie offer. A  3-part series of  your webinar trainings, a great Kindle book you wrote, Or a trial membership into your members only classes.

Of course, you won’t be offering freebies all the time. But this eliminates the little bit of risk they might feel in the beginning in coming to your circle.

Offer a 30-60 day money back guarantee if they aren’t satisfied with the results after purchasing your offer. This will make your prospects buy your offer right away since there is no risk involved at all. That’s what attraction marketing does – make everything irresistible!

Your blog has a big place in attraction marketing. It is the very best place to bring in your prospects Make sure that every post provides value and service to your readers. This encourages them even more to connect with you and get to know more about your business. Your blog represents you and your brand so take care to share the most relevant information that your visitors would be interested in.

Customer Love and Attraction Marketing for sure go hand in hand. Isn’t it just awesome when your prospects, customers, and clients come to you & you are giving them what they need or want? 


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