Boosting Facebook Posts

customer love facebookDo you boost one of your Facebook posts every so often? If not, start now to get that interaction going and getting customer and potential customer love started!

Here are a few tips to get and keep your customer engagement up on your Facebook posts.

* Post 2-5 times a day using a variety of the content ideas.

* Take a few posts a week and “Boost” them. You can chose your budget. I have done as low as $5 and still received quite abit of new potential customers engaging in the post with others and myself!

Most of your content will not reach your audience organically, so this boosting of posts will make sure they show up in the newsfeed of more people. Of course you do not have to pay for advertising like this but it allows you to reach more people at a faster rate if you do. Engage with those who like or comment on your posts and recognize that they have come to your page. This helps create that customer or potential  customer love.

I also make it a point as much as possible to reach out to everyone who has “Liked” my page thanking them. I’ve only had a couple of people ever reach out to me when I’ve liked their page and it definitely set them apart to me. Remember that people don’t usually come to Facebook to shop, they come to socialize so building relationships are important if you are looking to create that like, know, and trust factor And  once you begin building that relationship, people will be attracted to you and you will grow your business. It’s not going to happen overnight so be sure to stay consistent.

Sometimes one post will bring in all sorts of interaction and that is so fun!  Please share your results in comments 🙂



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