Connect with our relationships!

lucian family loveI know we are all busy people!  We say this to others and we hear it all the time.  How many times do we say or hear “I will see you later”, or “I will call you later”?

Okay so I am going to be really honest here…..I used to pride myself in staying close to my long distance friends and extended family, you know? The people who mean the most to me. But the last few years I have really been remiss. Holiday time comes around so quickly and reminds me all to much about how I need to step it up.

Yes, I use my Send Out Cards account and send cards once in while to just to let those people know I am thinking of them. But this last year, again I have been remiss on that part also. Life gets in the way right? Well…I am vowing to not let it anymore!

Yes the cards are awesome……BUT the best way just sometimes is to reach out and call, or take the drive to go see them right!  Hey even Skype is so much fun! I did this with my oldest daughter, husband, and their 6 kids who live 14 hours away. It was crazy and noisy most of the time, full of laughs, jokes, serious conversation, and yes some tears. It was WONDERFUL!  ***BTW ….my photo used here is my youngest grandson looking up and making sure he can see the cool waterfalls***

All too often we get caught up on FB messaging, or texting, that we forget to pick up the phone and call, or get in the car to drive. Let’s just not let this happen anymore, are you with me here?

So let’s stop putting off those coffee dates with friends. Stop putting off those phone calls with family members and only waiting for special occasions to connect. Let’s reach out today okay?

Let me know your thoughts – I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Annette,
    Yes, I’m also remiss at this.
    I’m a solitary kind of person, but too often I let myself forget that others may not be, and then I get reminded of the value I can give by making the effort to connect.
    A nice reminder, thanks!

  2. I agree 100%.

    Do you think there’s something about society now that we feel we have to say ‘We’re busy’?

    Each week I book in time for friends, not always easy but we somehow manage it. What I’ve noticed is the more we communicate and spend time with each other, the more easily it becomes to ‘find the time’

    I’m off to call my Nana xx

    • Very good point Tracey! Yes probably so about society where everything is now now now and multi-tasking. And we can do our part in stopping the madness right?
      I hope you Nana is good!

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