Have you spotted Customer Love this week?

customer love grocery storeHave you taken the time to jot down in your memory bank any really awesome ways you have seen Customer Love come to life this week?

It’s amazing to me that some days when I go to the grocery store the clerks and stock people have great happy attitudes and say”Hi and may I help you?” all  the time. And yet other days the same team players seem to be having a bad “hair ” day so to speak.

Doesn’t that affect your attitude when you are there shopping? Do you find when you smile at them and ask how they are doing, that you can see their whole body beam cheerfullness?

It is true that attitudes are contagious. It’s true our body language shows our thoughts. And our thoughts can create a day full of happy, successful things, or at the same token, our thoughts can create a day full of depression or not so good things happening for us and those around us.

Did you know it takes 3 positive thoughts to counter 1 negative thought? The average person has over 50,000 thoughts a day. Crazy right?

Let;s do some homework this week….
Use your thoughts to help create a more happy customer experiences this month. More customer love happening.

Feel free to share with us by commenting below. Let’s see how many we can create!
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