Kindness Does Matter

kindness matters customer loveHave you ever reached a point where you have become less productive? For many of us this occurs often without us even realizing it.  All of a sudden we don’t feel as fresh or so clear minded. Sometimes this can create stress to those around us again without us being aware of it. And when we feel this way it’s hard to show customer or self love. It’s time to be kind to yourself and others. Kindness does matter!

Give yourself 30 minutes sometime today to do something kind for your yourself and your neighbors.  Today I walked down to the end of my block and back, visiting with neighbors along the way. Some seemed lonely or sad or troubled (as most of us do today) but soon they had a smile on their face when I said hi,  how are you doing, and we chatted a few.  It was good for both of our the souls!

By doing this on a regular basis, I have found when I switched gears from work to going for that walk,   problems get solved in my head without me planning it or I come up with ideas that I wouldn’t had thought of if I had not taken that time away from work.  The fresh air is grand. Showing kindness to a neighbor buy weeding their front flower bed, or pulling their garbage cans back up to their house…is grand.

There are days I don’t feel up to it, but most of the time I do it anyway. When I was a child, I went out and tried new things without a second thought. Things like this.  Bringing that back into my daily life as an adult has helped not only my state of mind but also for others. My neighbors have told me so!

Today, how are you going to be kind to yourself and others? Please share below in comments.

Have a wonderful day!

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