Are you getting paid what you are worth?

money annettes customer loveMoney touches everything! Don’t we know it!
You bring value to your potential clients. You should get paid what you worth!

Shift your thinking and your attitude to really believe this. Learn and practice how to introduce yourself with passion!

Did you know they say (whoever “they” are) that we are the average of the 5 people we hang out with the most. Interesting, right? Well nowadays it’s more like all the close people you surround yourself with on Facebook!

We get what we expect in life, not what we want..CHANGE what you believe is possible for you in life!

Something you can to do help this is in your 1st hour of your work–STAY away from checking emails and Yes…Facebook. It can suck you in to other peoples agenda. Instead do something revenue making for that 1st hour…then check your fun social hangouts.

Business Mentor Pat Mussieux shares these things in her advanced mindset formula that she created and used to go from zero dollars, to easily and authentically crossing the 6-figure mark in 18 months, while creating a life of ease, true freedom and meaning and how you can too.

She talks of seven steps that are crucial for you to do. A few that stand out for me are:

Self talk MUST be changed….We ARE what we think. Become aware of  what you say to yourself. Use the rubber band approach  for 24 hours. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself…snap it! You will soon notice how much you do this!

Lasting change starts with ourselves! Master the art of asking for what you want. It is the key to growth and development in this area.

You are worth it!

Pat’s Blog is full of information like this! Check it out.

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